Here's to revolutionary spaciousness in 2020!

Greetings in the New Year! May this be a spacious and loving one for us all. I'm currently on an annual writing retreat on Whidbey Island, working on a new novel and spending some time in deep reflection. 

In 2007 when I started this blog, sober truths was a great name for it. I was focusing on all sorts of recovery issues and wanting both to share that thinking and to record it for myself. But last September I celebrated 30 years without a drink and while I'm still active in recovery, my reflections are much broader and deeper than ever. So I decided to give the blog a new look and a new title. 

I've posted here before about my interest in spaciousness: spacious time, spacious environment, spacious living, and I'm writing about this more and more and will be sharing some of that with you as well as well as poems and links to interesting articles. I hope you will share the posts with friends. 

Here's to a sweet and peaceful start to the year and the decade. 


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