Courtney Carver and empty hangers

I got a gift from a friend for December: 31 simplification ideas from Courtney Carver, who's a blogger and most famous for her 33 project: simplifying your wardrobe to 33 items (the exceptions being workout or activity clothes like things for painting or gardening, underwear, and socks). 

I did this and it made a huge difference. Not in what I wore as that's about how many clothes most of us wear regularly. No, the difference was in how light I felt when I looked in my closet. 

Here's a simple version of her idea.

Small closet project.
1. Turn on your favorite music.
2. Set a timer for 20 minutes.
3. Remove anything from your closet that ...
  • you haven't worn in a year.
  • doesn't fit your body or your lifestyle.
  • makes you feel sad, mad or guilty.
4. Keep going until the timer runs out.

She also has a Go all in version, which you can learn about here.

Could this be a good first step for you towards a more spacious life?


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