One way the universe encouraged my creative life

 A friend and I are working through the exercises in Deep Creativity together and this week's reflections were on fate and circumstances and events that have influenced our creativity. Here's a poem I wrote in response.

I was new at it all
Retreats, ferry rides in the San Juans
Meditation, ritual thinking

The afternoon was blissfully cool
Soft water breeze, bees
On apple cores in the grass
The bookstore’s open
Carolyn said

A corner of the lobby
Theosophy mostly
Deep thinkers older than I
And then at the end of one shelf
The Artist’s Way
And I saw exercises on the pages

And was flooded with
Memories of car trips
To Grandma B’s in Idaho
And workbooks to pass
The long hours in the backseat

And I read of 12 ways to be creative
And I wanted that
Are you an artist?
The woman taking money was frail but friendly
And a long-repressed part of me
Said yes
Yes, I am

And I knew it was true
And now here I am
Still new at it all
And yet not


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