A different way of looking at a spiritual practice

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a gathering led by my good friend Rabbi Brian Mayer. While the gathering was focused on a discussion of acceptance, I found Brian's introductory remarks about the spiritual life as viewed by thinker Erich Fromm to be most striking.

Fromm saw five aspects to the spiritual life:
  • Living from a hierarchy of values (being able to prioritize what is most important as guidance in our lives)
  • An ability to diminish our egos (knowing that much of what happens is not about us; we are not at the center)
  • Feeling connected to something larger than ourselves (community, Nature, a Higher Power)
  • Knowing that questions are more important than statements
  • Being open to transformation
 I have been so intrigued by these ideas that I have converted them into the questions that I use each night to review my day (I use a free app called Grid Diary to record these. Here are my questions. Perhaps they might be of use.

What values did I live into today?
When did I put someone else first?
How did I turn my consciousness towards Spirit?
What question might guide me tomorrow?
How can I be more open to change?


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