The ongoing search for meaning

In the Jungian thought course I've been taking, this quote from Jung has stayed with me. "The smallest of things with meaning is infinitely greater than things without meaning. And meaning is defined by our souls, not our culture." 

Of course, we live in cultures that try to tell us what is meaningful. The American culture argues that money is very meaningful, that having the latest technology is meaningful, that busyness is meaningful.  But we rank 40th in happiness in the world even though we have more resources than any other country. 

Why? Because most of us know in our souls that those things aren't deeply meaningful. Not as meaningful as time with our kids and grandkids or our siblings or our spouse. Or our relationship with our pets and their health and well-being. Or offering kindness to ourselves and others. Or living from our hearts, not our wallets.

What are the most meaningful things as defined your soul? 

Here are some of mine (in no particular order): Painting, writing, AA meetings, meals and walks with close friends, being on retreat with other creatives, walking on the beach, watching the sky, communing with the cherry tree off my terrace, time on my porch swing with a good book, helping someone solve a problem, being sober, learning something new.  

No money, no technology, no business involved. This is good for me to remember.


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