Writing my eulogy

In a course I'm taking this month on what matters to us, one of our assignments was to write a eulogy for ourselves assuming we have died at age 103. I found this an interesting experince, not only to think about what I want to be remembered for but to set some challenges for myself for the next 30 years. I mean, who knows? 

Here's what I came up with:

My good friend Jill Kelly was a popular novelist and even more popular painter. She was the author of 23 books, several of them national award-winners, and she was famous for her annual art giveaway, which got original art into the homes of young people and those in straitened circumstances.

Jill was proud to be 60 years sober and more than 35 years free of sugar addiction. She was active in AA until the end and helped many others find peace with food through her blogs and workshops.

After leaving behind a first career as college professor of French and a second career as an editor supporting the writings of others, she spent the remaining decades of her life encouraging the creativity of others, helping to end homelessness for elderly women, and telling everyone who would listen that color was proof of the existence of God.

Jill died the way she wanted to, at home with her cats around her and loving friends in attendance. She had just finished a gorgeous landscape.

Jill was known for her generosity towards others and her tenderness for animals. She was famous for her motto: Be more generous and less accommodating, which can be seen on bumpers around the country. She also watched for magic everywhere she went and encouraged others to do the same. She never met a cat she didn’t love. She will be sorely missed. 

What would you write for yours?


Lisa Simmons said…
I love the line, “She will be famous for her motto. . .” Made my heart smile. ����

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