Rethinking my tribe

I get contemplative this time of year, and I like it. The long evenings of dark, the rainy dim afternoons lead me to thinking about how things are for me and what changes I might like to make and what might be missing. And lately, I've been thinking about my tribe, those people in my inner circles.

You've probably done this exercise, where you put those you're closest to in the very inner circle, then a second circle, then a third, and maybe a fourth. I label this close friends (innermost), good friends (second circle), and friends (third circle). The rest are acquaintances and I generally don't list those. I drew these circles while I was on retreat over New Year's, and I did it in conjunction with a review of my calendar from last year: whom had I been spending with?

When I mentioned this to a close friend, she said she had been thinking about this too. In her case, she has a couple of people who have been in her innermost circle but her life has changed a lot and she no longer feels close to them and wants to shift them to an outer circle. We talked about the challenge in that, when friendships no longer fit. That's happened to me several times and it's not easy.

That's not my situation now. Instead, I want to bring a couple of good friends into the close friends circle and maybe even a couple from the friends circle.  I'm wanting to expand my tribe in some ways that will open me up to new thinking and new experiences. I'm excited about this possibility.


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