My intention for 2019

Each year recently, I've chosen an intention for the year, something I want to focus on in my life. Last year's focus was spaciousness and I'm finding that this is well incorporated into my daily routines. Don't get me wrong. My life isn't always spacious. I still overcommit my time some days or lack the energy for all the things I want to do. But I'm conscious of wanting and aiming for spaciousness in a way I wasn't before last year.

This year I have two intentions. The first is to be more generous and less accommodating. I've been discerning that these two states (generosity and accommodation) feel quite different in my body. Generosity is light and comes from a warm, loving place in me while accommodation is heavy and dark and arising out of should. I want to learn what spurs me to be generous and if there's a way to turn some of the accommodation into generosity and when I can't to say no.

The second intention is much more playful. This year I want to watch for magic every day.


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