Finding a new way to frame my possibilities for the next year

Last week I had a great call with my life coach. I had felt stuck in creating my annual list of possibilities. There were two reasons for this. One, I had had an immensely rich year in 2017 and it was going to be hard to come up with ideas. But more importantly, I had realized in late November that I wanted to take a whole different tack on 2018 and that I wanted a year where self-improvement wasn't the focus.

We began to talk about what I wanted for next year (not what I thought I should want) and five categories began to form:
  • What I want to learn
  • What I want to practice
  • What I want to complete/end/let go of
  • What I want to create
  • What I want to experience/enjoy
These questions are proving a really interesting way to organize my possibilities for the coming year.

What might be on your list? 


Sober Long Time said…
I appreciate this list and will reflect on it over the next few days as we prepare for the new year. Thank you for the shift in focus.
Life without anxiety.
Feel love.
Eat better.
Find joy.
Publish my cat sci-fi.

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