Our legitimate needs Part I

I've been reading The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly and it's having quite a profound effect on me. Much of what he says in this book isn't new to anyone who's taken courses in personal transformation or read much in New Age thought. But he's particularly eloquent and his spin on these ideas resonates deeply with me.

Our best life, he says, comes when our legitimate needs, our deepest desires, and our unique gifts and talents come together. Most of us know what our basic needs are as we all have the same ones: food, water, shelter, air, touch. Without these, we die. But each of us has other legitimate needs that help us do more than survive; they help us thrive. And these aren't all the same.

When I've been addictive in my addiction, I'm focused on needs that aren't legitimate: ice cream, alcohol, money, donuts, buying stuff. When my recovery is solid, I can focus on my legitimate needs and when I do, my life goes so much better.


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