What money can't buy

In Jacob Needleman's book on money and the spiritual life, he talks about how little we really need to survive. Air, water, food, and to some extent, depending on climate, clothing and shelter. All of these things money can buy. It's why we need it.

We can buy comfort too. That,  I'm realizing, is where a good part of my money goes. To buy comfort: physical comfort and emotional comfort.

We also need connections. And we can actually buy some of those as well with money. Books and TV are connections. Teachers and therapists are connections. We can even buy friends in an indirect way.

But we cannot buy meaning. This vital experience is not for sale. It's available if we choose to see it, or as my teacher Eric Maisel says, if we invest it into certain experiences. We can also invest it in certain relationships. I'm wondering how many times I've spent money hoping to buy meaning and realizing it has little to do with money.


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