The Women and Money Group

I began my changes around money some years ago. When I need to learn and grow, I often start a group so I have accountability and support. The Women and Money group meets on the last Sunday of every month except December (unless otherwise decided by the group) for 90 minutes. The group has had as many as 9 members and as few as 4. Two of us have been in it since the beginning, maybe 8 or 9 years ago.

We go around the circle and check in with how we are doing and what progress we've made on money-related projects or our commitments from the previous month. Then we will often take on a topic or someone will share an article or ask a question and we bounce things around. Our focus is on earning, spending, and saving. We don't cover investing. Then in the last few minutes, we make a short list of tasks to take on, and we read them to each other.

A lot has happened out of this group. One member got rid of over $30,000 worth of credit card. Another member retired, sold her home, and bought a duplex at the coast and moved away. Most of us have gotten out of corporate banks and into local credit unions, and we've opened online savings accounts and saved some substantial money. We've supported each other in finding news ways to have income, in raising our rates if we're self-employed, in spending more wisely.

We share information, tips, suggestions (when asked--we have a formal process for this). And now with this year's workshop, I'm ready to take all this a big step forward.


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