Shaking things up a bit

Fro the last, oh 20 years, I've been journaling every morning. I've missed a few days here and there but I've been pretty faithful. The last couple of years I've also been writing on a novel or other project in addition, which makes for a pretty long morning routine and that's before I even get to the gym or take a walk. The journaling is a form of meditation for me (I do a version of Julia Cameron's Morning Pages), clearing my mind of the day before to give myself a fresh start.

But recently I was reading some interesting thoughts on sleeping better and the advice to stop looking at screens (TV, computer, iPad, phone) two hours before bedtime. And I thought about how I could shake up my schedule by journaling before bed instead of upon arising. So for the last few days I've done that. I've turned off the screens about 8:30, gotten ready for bed, read a bit, and then written in my journal.

I don't know that so far it has improved my sleep but it has been a delightful experience to sit in the mostly dark room with a lamp going, soft music, and the cats settling down for the night, and write about my day. It actually takes less time to do it as I'm much more focused (partly because the cats aren't doing their Romper Room routine) and it's just more peaceful. It's also opened up my mornings in a new and intriguing way so that I have another 45 minutes to ease into things.

I'm liking it.


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