Making good use of our complaints

Once a month I get together with a couple of very good friends in a group we call Soul Strippers. This past month we started off the meeting by writing a list of all our complaints. The other two had some trouble getting into it but I sure didn't it. Complaints just rolled out of my pen.

Here are a few:
1. I hate cleaning the litter box.
2. I'm getting fatter again.
3. I'm overwhelmed by how much I have to do.
4. The patio floor needs repainting.
5. I have ugly cuticles.
6. Our Congress is pathetic.

You get the idea.

Our lists were actually quite diverse as one person has had ongoing annoying health problems and the other is looking to downsize. But after we talked about it for a bit, we could each see a common thread in our own complaints and we came to a conclusion for a fairly global solution.

Mine was to lighten up. I want to lighten up my body, my schedule, my attitude, my house. Project lighten up feels perfect for me.


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