How you do anything is how you do everything

One of the first self-help books I bought back in the 1980s had that title. I never did much with the book, like so many of the self-help books I bought in those days, but the title idea has always stayed with me and I think it's true. How we do money is how we do time is how we do food is how we do work is how we do relationships is how we do exercise is how we do parenting. You get the idea.

One of the reasons I signed up for the More Money Guaranteed Workshop with Dave Ellis and Lynne Twist and Tammy White is for that very reason. How I do money spills over into how I do everything and how I do everything else affects how I do money. I'm hoping to learn and planning to change those things around money and everything else that just don't serve me anymore--and some, I think, never did.


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