Effect #1 of the money program

For years, I've been wanting to work less and make the same amount of money. This is in many ways a no-brainer. The simplest solution is to charge more. And about two years ago, I upped my rate by 20% but it didn't make much of a difference and then I got insecure about raising it again, although my money group pals were encouraging me to double what I was charging.I lived in a place of no possibility and fear around that.

Well, one of the tenets of the money program is that you must release fear around money to have anything really change. So I decided to step boldly out and double my rates. It has been an interesting experience. New clients, of course, don't know the difference. They can just say yes or no to what I estimate their project will cost. A couple of old clients I can't change (one is a state agency and the state dictates the fees and I have a contract with them to the end of the year). The same is true for a nonprofit where in January I signed a contract at a certain hourly rate. The state agency is a big client and I'll have to give some thought in June to whether I want to continue with them. And next December I'll need to tell the nonprofit about my new rate. But I'm okay with both of those.

Other intermittent clients have had different reactions. Some have moved on, some have stayed. In a couple of cases, people have wanted an explanation, which I've kept simple. Only one person asked for special treatment and I kindly said no. This is already having a big impact on my income, and I appreciate all those wise folks who've been steadily encouraging me to do this.


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