Day 362 Kinds of foods that lead to FLC syndrome

Here are some of the foods that contribute to FLC:

1. Artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners. Dyes, chemicals, things you don't recognize as foods. In addition, with substantial information showing that using artificial sweeteners does not contribute to weight loss, those are also chemicals to avoid. Agave is not an artifical sweetener (comes from a cactus relative) but it is a processed food. Honey and maple syrup in small quantities are best. 
2. Imitation foods like margarine (or vegan “butter”), processed cheese products, imitation crab meat, pancake “syrup,” and “lemonade” powder. These also come from chemical land.
3. Low-fat and fat-free products. Almost always, taste has been amped up with sugar and chemicals. 
4. Anything with ingredients you would not stock in your kitchen. Again these are chemicals. They may sound familiar because you've been reading labels for years but that doesn't make them healthy. 
5. Highly processed oils. Most vegetable oils are chemically treated and may use GMO ingredients. Stick with organic butter, good olive oil, and unprocessed coconut oil. 

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