Day 358 A different kind of food weekend

Once a year, a group of us who are old friends spend 3 days at the Oregon Coast together. In the early days of this adventure, we always ended up with massive amounts of food. One friend, who enjoyed grocery shopping, did that for all of us from a list we put together. We'd end up with a wealth of choices for lunch (cold cuts, several kinds of bread, salads, soup) and big dinners and it was festive and lovely and we all ate too much and had a ton of food left over.

Over the years, we've pared back. No desserts, meals a little simpler. One member changed her diet radically and brought her own food. Then I got started on my plan and several others did too, and this year, we did things quite differently. We scaled way back, each person contributing either one fairly simple meal or one well-loved item (big fruit salads, a favorite chicken dish) and we splurged on fresh crabs.

There was plenty of food. It was delicious. We enjoyed our meals as much as ever. And we used up most of the leftovers. I felt supported in my eating needs and I hope others did too. I think those days of excess are over for us.


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