Conditions of Satisfaction

In the money program I'm currently involved in, we establish our own Conditions of Satisfaction. What do we want to be, have, and do in the next months that will create in us the sense that the program was totally satisfying? We were encouraged to make a list of ways we want to Be, things we want to Have, and things we want to Do or have done or be doing.

I've long been a firm believer in creating goals and intentions that are both realistic and a stretch, and this was a big opportunity to do just that. My goals in this program are about money, about time, and about generosity and how those are playing out in my life. It took me several weeks and several iterations to come up with a list that would be satisfying to me and, equally important, things I could impact. Because the program is set up to support us in getting what we want, and getting here is an active verb (making happen), not a passive verb (receiving).

This is an interesting combination of what do I want and how much am I willing to put at stake for it, how much am I willing to do?


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