Condition of Satisfaction #2

One of the other 19 conditions of satisfaction I've established is this one: Tithe from my gross income each month to an organization or individual who touches, moves, and inspires me. In reviewing my expenditures for last year, I was surprised to see how few monetary donations I'd made.

I've been supporting the Oregon Food Bank and some environmental causes but I've not regularly made a significant contribution to anything. Then last fall, I received a check in the mail from a friend of mine. It was for several hundred dollars and when I asked her about it, she said she tithed each month to someone or something she believed in. And that month she picked me. It was such a wonderful gesture, both to have her believe in me, but also the idea of picking something different each month to support.

I was still in deep anxiety about money at the time and I didn't act on the idea, not until I enrolled in the money program and saw that that would be a wonderful act of faith and generosity. So in February, I tithed to a program that teaches mindfulness meditation to public school teachers to teach in their classrooms. I'd read about it in Tricycle magazine and then looked them up on line. It seemed a great case to support.

This month I'm tithing to an acquaintance who just had surgery for thyroid cancer and her friends were doing a fundraiser for her. She's got insurance for the medical expenses but she's self-employed and will be out of work a couple of months.

It's not only the giving that feels good but I like being on the lookout for the next month's recipient. That's fun.


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