Condition of Satisfaction #1

Condition #1: Be at ease and gracious about asking for what I want and comfortable hearing no or saying no to others.

Suffering as I do from the very human condition of PLM (please like me syndrome), yes and no have long been a struggle. I say yes too often when I'm not sure or don't want to do whatever it is. I say no with difficulty and feel guilty or angry when I do. I want to change that. 

I want to be able to easily ask for what I want and be okay with whatever answer occurs. I want to enthusiastically say yes and graciously say no. 

I've had a number of opportunities in the last couple of weeks to ask for what I want. For example, the press release created for my thriller by the publicity department at my publisher wasn't as good as I wanted, so I rewrote it and asked that they use my version or something similar. That seems a no-brainer but I had to ask several times to get what I wanted. I didn't get a no, just a maybe, and I didn't want a maybe. 

I'm not good at this yet but I can already see how valuable this is. When asked straight out what we want, most of us can't think of much. But if we go through the day making conscious choices, do I want this or not, we can begin to discern what we do want.   


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