Asking for what I want means from me too

I've been celebrating asking for what I want (raised my rates for editing work, set some new policies around the kinds of projects I want to work on, said no to a couple of opportunities and sent off queries about a couple more). All good.

But until the Soul Strippers meeting, I hadn't thought too much about what I might ask for from myself. So I spent some time thinking about last night and here are a few things I came up.

I want acts of courage. The courage to continue to write the novels that come to me to be written without worrying about building a reputation for a niche or a genre. The courage to take bolder steps in my painting. The courage to step fully into a third three-pronged career.

I want acts of persistence and perseverance. To persevere with the food plan, with staying off sugar.

I want acts of big engagement. To create boldly, to market wildly, to be the most and best and surest I can.

What do you want from you?


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