Day 326 Jonesing for green juice

What do I miss most from home? Well, besides Frannie, Nellie, Sammy, and little Evie? My juicer.

If you'd told me that a year ago when I was here, I would have laughed with incredulity. I didn't have a juicer, let alone an intimate relationship with one. I wasn't even really sure how to work one or why you'd want to. Now four days from green juice, I'm jonesing for my favorite combination of kale, romaine, celery, apple, carrot, cucumber, and fennel.

I did get a fresh juice Tuesday at Food & Thought here in Naples. It was very good but not quite as green in veggies as I like. And they had no fresh juice for sale to take home, no Odwalla, no nothing. I have made a fruit smoothie each morning and included spinach, but it isn't the same.

Yesterday I bought two bottled juices from a health food store, but they're barely palatable. And I found a commercial green juice from a company called Bolthouse Farms in California that is decent and that I like better than just fruit juice for the smoothie, but when I get home Monday, I'm heading to New Seasons and the produce section and coming home to juice!


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