Day 325 My food plan loves Portland

Sunday I didn't get myself to the grocery store. I had been very consciously eating up everything in my fridge before the trip and also wanting to shop less often so I ended up with not much to take with me I put peanut butter on two rice cakes, which were delicious but messy. And I had some nuts and a couple of Larabars. So when I got to the airport and had checked my bag, I went looking for plane food. I only had 45 minutes layover in Minneapolis and was unsure whether I'd have to shift terminals, so lunch there seemed iffy.

I ended up at Elephant's Delicatessen in the food court and I had so many great choices that were gluten-free, dairy-free, and so marked! I got a fruit cup that had delicious fresh fruit in it and a quinoa blackbean salad. There were also two kale salads, hard-boiled eggs, a fruited quinoa parfait. While they were expensive, they were also substantial and it solved a second issue: breakfast on the first day before we got to the organic produce store where I could stock up. Karen had some ham and I made a smoothie with the fruit and ate a little quinoa and was most happy.


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