Day 317 My hair and a colony of yaybuts

I've worn my hair in the same style for about 16 years. Straight, smooth, shoulder-length. Simple look, simple to care for. For a while, I've been wanting a different look but I've been in a stranglehold with a colony of yeah buts around it. My hair's too fine and thin for bangs. My face is too square. I don't want to use product. I don't want to use curlers. I'm too old for that look. I'm too fat for that one.

But something is moving and stirring in me around change. And today it won out. I signed up for a 9-month major commitment workshop around money and then got my hair cut. Short, layered, bangs. I'm fortunate to have a great hairdresser who knows my hair well and knew how to do it. Feeling a little shaky from so much change but I was tired of hanging out with yeah buts.


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