Day 312 Doing fewer things for longer times

One of the things that has come out of the Deep Rest, Deep Belonging project has been some shifts in my perception of time. For much of my life, I have been so future oriented that present time is usually painful. I think this started for me in school, about 5th grade, where I became so bored that I watched the clock all day long just waiting for school to be over. And that became, for some reason I was unconscious of, kind of the way I did life.

As a teenager, I had a highly active fantasy life where I was almost never in the moment if I could help it. Then I learned to get really busy and keep thinking about the next thing to do, not the thing I was doing. I spent a lot of time anticipating (dread or excitement) but not in the moment, and then when the time came for the event, I worried that it would be over too fast or wished it would over faster, so again, I wasn't in the moment.

I'm beginning to see that being in the moment is my meditation practice, whether it's on a cushion or the treadmill, at the computer or at the dinner plate. That as I write this blog, I write this blog. I let go of the other bombarding thoughts and I write this blog. Hence, my interest in doing fewer things for longer times.


Diane Sorensen said…
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Diane Sorensen said…
That was just an awesome post. Love it!!

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