Day 311 Taking up with an old friend and putting it down agan

I called up my old lover Sugar over the holidays.

You know how you come back into town after being gone a long time and you just can't keep yourself from driving by his (or her) house, you know, just to take the trip down Memory Lane, and just by chance he's home and the light's on and you think, wow, it can't hurt to just stop by and say hello. It's been a long time and he's not going to be interested in you (he's probably taken up with someone else by now) and you know you're not going to be interested in him because you're married to Healthy Eating now and you just know you won't break that commitment.

And Sugar invites you in and he's really glad to see you. He's watching reruns of West Wing with your mutual friend Cheetos, and Cheetos pulls you down to sit right between them and they wrap their arms around you and those old seductive feelings start up and you think, wow, I can stay here for a day or two. Hell, it's the holidays and everybody I know is coming over to the party and I can leave anytime I want to.

After a couple of days, Cheetos leaves and you're glad to see him go because your mouth hurts after he kisses you and your fingers turn orange from touching him but Sugar is so sweet to you and he makes all the old promises and you think about leaving but it's so much easier to hang out there cuz your your anxiety goes away and your burden of responsibility is buried under a few dozen wrappers.

And then you can't quite zip your pants and nothing real tastes very good anymore and Sugar wants to spend all day watching Netflix and you need to go to work and he promises to come by on your breaks and he does and then he's waiting when you get home and it seems all okay and then it doesn't. And so you bite the bullet and stop buying more tickets for the merry-go-round because it wasn't all that merry and you just hope Healthy Eating is waiting up when you drag your sorry ass through the door.

At least that's what I hope.


Unknown said…
That was just an awesome piece! Love it!

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