Day 305 Finding it easy to get off track or a conspiracy of circumstances

The last couple of days of my new year's writing retreat I got a cold. I haven't been sick, just under par with some annoying symptoms and some fatigue. And, in my usual not very careful way, I came back to a busy time with workshops and presentations to give, editing work to do, and a raft of other small items to take care of after 10 days away and the holidays.

So this has been a week of trying to hang onto the spaciousness of the retreat where there are only a few things to do in the midst of my normally busy life while weighed down a bit with illness. I have found it challenging to stay on my eating and exercise plan. I'm still not eating wheat or dairy (although I did try a little goat cheese while I was on the retreat, to no ill effect) and I'm still juicing each day. But it's been tempting and easy to order French fries twice and eat more meat and let some sugar creep back into my life.

And while I did great with exercise on retreat (a 2-mile daily walk 8 of 9 days), since I've been back (a week), I've been to the gym only once and walked a mile 3 of the other days. It's something and of course something is better than nothing, but it isn't enough to make me feel good. My cold is fading and I have a little more energy and I will get back to the gym tomorrow. But the fatigue of too many balls in the air, too many things to think about, that's a deeper problem to address.


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