Day 304 Driving, not driven

A friend and blog reader wrote to me today about yesterday's post, noting that Leo Baubuta didn't acknowledge any of the reasons why that 5-year-old is still so active in our lives, like trauma or neglect. And I agree he didn't, that it's a somewhat simplistic view of the whole issue. However, what was meaningful for me in that blog post of his was an underlying question: Who's choosing my food? Who's driving my overworking, my busy-ness? It's certainly not my higher self.

I want to be making the choices in my life and making them consciously. I want to be thinking about what's the right food to eat, the next right activity, the time to stop working and relax. I don't want my unhappy 5-year-old or 12-year-old doing the driving.

So Baubata's post is a good reminder to ask who's choosing, who's driving the bus?


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