Day 302 Recipes from my friend Bridget

Had a great retreat over New Year's. It's always a delight to try other people's cooking and this year we all pretty much stuck to the plan, even those who are still omnivores. Because of some unforeseen circumstances, I got to take home some of Bridget Benton's fabulous ideas. Here are three that were particularly worth noting.

Pureed cauliflower

Steam one or more heads of fresh cauliflower. Saute rosemary or other herbs in ghee (clarified butter) or butter. Put the ghee and cauliflower in the blender and puree. Freezes well. Tastes fabulous. Great with meatloaf instead of potatoes.

Sweet coconut squash

Bake or roast thick slices of butternut squash in the oven until tender. Remove peel and any remaining strings or seeds. Mash with cinnamon or nutmeg and coconut milk (sweetened if you prefer a sweeter dish). Serve hot.

Lamb-bison stuffed peppers

Cook wild rice in a rice cooker.

Brown a pound of ground lamb and a pound of ground bison with chopped onion, zucchini, garlic, and any other seasonings you fancy (Bridget used some tumeric, cumin, and basil.). You could also add some chopped greens if you wanted.

Mix wild rice with meat mixture.

Halve sweet peppers of your favorite color(s) and omit pith and seeds. Stuff pepper halves with meat and rice and bake until hot through (or peppers are to the softness of your liking). Serve with extra meat/rice if peppers are small.

These items made a fabulous meal.


Bridget said…
Also saute an onion with the herbs and butter for the pureed cauliflower - it really makes a difference!

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