Day 297 Choice as a principle to live by

When I come on retreat, I always bring way more than I can do or even consider. I like options. I brought about 5 books with me plus kindle. Two of the books have really called to me: Creating Time by Marney K Makridakis and Feng Shui and Money by Eric Shaffert. The second book came highly recommended to me. The first book was a pure impulse buy from New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, a highly seductive place for me. The book has cool art projects in it and some really interesting ideas. Like choice as a principle to live by.

It's one thing to know intellectually that we always have a choice. Go or not go, eat or not eat, say yes or say no or say I'll tell you later. However, I often act as if that's not the case, as if I am compelled to do something. Don't get me wrong. I think compulsive behavior is a real illness in some people and for many of us at some times. But much of the time when I'm overeating or choosing unwisely, I'm having to override my choice principle. It can happen quickly and seemingly unconsciously but I don't think it is unconscious. When I eat sugar, I have decided to buy it and then eat it. I make the choice to do so. That means I can make the choice not to do so.

I like the idea of asking myself much more often about choice. What do I want to choose in this moment? What's my good choice in this moment?


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