Day 292 Using the calendar to better advantage

On this retreat each year, I often reread my creative journal for the year. I keep two journals, a daily journal that I write in each morning for 3-4 pages and a creative journal. The daily journal is a form of mind-clearing, my personal ritual of stability as I unceremoniously dump any concerns from the day before onto the page. I doubt that my many years of daily journaling will prove very interesting to external readers. The few times I've gone back and read some of it, even I haven't been very interested.

But my creative journal is another story. Full of quotes, ideas, notes taken during workshops, lists made of accomplishments, intentions, solutions, plans. Today I found this quote: "You put the things you really want to do in your calendar." And that is giving me some pause. In my calendar, I list dates with my gym buddy, medical and dental appts, meetings with clients, and work project deadlines. If I've got tickets to an event, I list those and dates with friends. All well and good.

But I don't put into my calendar writing time and studio time, reflection time, reading time, resting time. Even though, at this moment, those are far more important to me than the things I do enter into the calendar. I still just fit them around the edges. I'm contemplating a change in how I do that.

What goes in your calendar?


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