Day 285 Further adventures of the cat whisperer

Today is Evie's 9th day with us. Each day brings a bit of change, a bit of loosening of her feral conditioning. She has moved from a barricade behind the toilet to under the bed. And the last three days I've spent 10-15 minutes several times a day on the rug next to the bed talking to her and she will now move herself towards my hand to be petted. She will stretch herself out on her back and offer me her belly for rubbing. She's quick to scurry back under the bed if there's a noise or one of the other cats comes in but she quiets quickly and will come towards my hand again.

This morning, she was under the rocker in the front room when I got up. She didn't stay there long, skittering back into the bedroom, but lo and behold, as I sat at the dining table writing in my journal, she came and sat first in the doorway, then in the room over by the rocker. She would only stay for a minute or two but she came and went probably a dozen times. And then she went to sleep under the bed.

My two females, Nellie and Frannie, don't seem much perturbed by her. Sammy, on the other hand, is both curious and annoyed. She won't play with him though this morning she didn't run from him in the living room. She just watched him. Good strategy, Evie!

Evie is a perfect part of my Deep Rest project: go slow, speak softly, do nothing but attend to the moment. She is my teacher.


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