Day 272 Green smoothies in the winter

I started doing green juice and smoothies in late March when the fruit and vegetables were just starting to come in. Now we're moving full into winter and I'm having to make some adjustments. So here are some of the things I'm doing to keep it interesting.

I keep a good stock of organic frozen fruit (raspberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple). I also freeze ripe bananas (peeled) every week or two. I don't store them long but I keep them on hand.

The more exotic greens dwindle in the winter but I can always get organic celery, kale, baby spinach, flat leaf parsley, romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots. I also add fresh apples or pears and sometimes interesting things I find in vegetable section (like sugarloaf chicory). I make a quart of juice every 3-4 days (I use about a cup of juice in my smoothie).

Frozen fruit will make the smoothie more of a slushie and I don't really like that, so I set up my smoothie the night before: cup of juice, 2 banana halves, some berries, a fresh pear or some mango or pineapple, and a big handful of baby spinach. Then I store it in the fridge and in the morning, all the frozen fruit isn't frozen. I've also tried adding some safely canned fruit (peaches in non-sugared syrup). Yum!

Other ideas: Add coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, or rice milk to have a creamier smoothie. Add 2 T. peanut butter or almond butter for a great boost.


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