Day 269 Struggling to do less

I've had 5 days now of the Deep Rest project. I have done well with turning the computer off at 8 and not turning it on in the morning until 8. I am turning off the TV with whatever I'm watching, if I'm watching, at 9 and doing some reading or writing or puttering instead.

Both of these are proving good things. First, I make a clear distinction between the beginning and end of the work day. Both my evening and my morning seem more focused and more spacious at the same time without the screens calling me, luring me. There's a quietness to the house too with the machines off.

But during the day, I seem as busy as ever with a long to-do list, too many appointments, too many yeses to others, too much desire and habit to get it all done, to cram it all in. I have a rich and full life and it's a great one but I still want more space, more ease, more freedom. So that's what I'm thinking about tonight. How do you create space in your schedule?


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