Day 268 Fasting from the news

I've decided to fast from the news as part of my Deep Rest project. This isn't as big a deal as it might be for some folks. I stopped reading the daily newspaper years ago when I became too discouraged by the "if it bleeds, it reads" journalism that seemed rampant in big cities. There was little besides violence and scandal and politics. I switched to magazine reading, which seemed more thoughtful, careful, considerate.

Then sometime after 9-11 and the media orgy that I so willingly participated in, the antenna that offered us free local TV in our building died and the landlord had the place wired for cable. I didn't want to pay for cable as I wasn't watching TV much at all so I didn't and for the last decade I've been getting my news from the Internet. But it too is seldom informative and not very helpful so I'm going to fast from Yahoo News and Google News and just assume that if something big happens, folks will tell me.

What might you fast from to increase your rest?


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