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Day 112 Being willing to be conscious

Day 111 Hitting the bars

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Day 109 Hot, humid, old creepy feelings

Day 108 Having a food plan buddy

Day 107 Big encouragement from the numbers

Day 106 Move away from the table

Day 105 Financial aspects of being on the Plan

Day 104 Curbing my appetite: My resistance to vigilance

Day 103 A wave of Friday night nostalgia

Day 102 Ten things about eating that I'm pondering

Day 101 When I'm doing what I love, hunger isn't an issue

Day 100 Recipes I can still use

Day 99 Being prepared: The Plan on the road

Day 98 How is my discomfort with hunger impacting how I eat?

Day 97 The challenge of the quick meal/snack/fix

Day 96 Shifting my focus back to what's working

Day 95 Compulsive overeating: is it time for the rubber to hit the road?

Day 94 At the moment, the thrill is gone

Day 93 A mild missing of restaurant freedom

Day 92 The old tyranny of the scale

Day 91 Living into our potential

Day 90 Finally getting food to do for me what I've wanted all along

Day 89 An inexplicable week and a bit more of eating less

Day 88 Thinking inside the box

Day 87 Finding more baskets for my eggs

Day 86 Eating out on the Plan

Day 85 Overeating vs. compulsive overeating

Day 84 Thoughts about abstinence

Day 83 Less fat, less sick, and much more alive