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Day 51 Taking extra good care of myself

Day 50 A small victory

Day 49 Devotion, not discipline

Day 48 Treating my body like a good friend

Day 47 Watching out for myself when others are cooking for me

Day 46 The vicissitudes of hunger

Day 45 Is there a food plan pink cloud?

Day 44 Taking the plan on the road

Day 43 Ah, the scale!

Day 42 The tenacity of diet mind

Day 41 Giving up a reliable problem

Day 40 The reluctant cook

Day 39 Being willing to wake up

Day 38 Taking the next big step

Day 37 Something I'm realizing about hunger

Day 36 My addict self showed up on the clean-up crew

Day 35 Intentional living, intentional eating

Day 34 Some things that make my food plan easy to do

Day 33 A different kind of energy

Day 32 I won't be doing that again

Day 31 Even though I knew from experience...

Day 30 Eating with the Tribe, then and now

Day 29 Where I stand four weeks in

Day 28 Planning and flexibility

Day 27 A brief yearning for the old way

Day 26 Expanding my buddy system

Day 25: At some of these we balked

Reposting a pertinent blog that came my way today

Day 23 Lowering my expectations

Day 22 The siren call of the old ways

Day 21 Moving into nourishment