A lovely version of the 12 steps for all of us

My good friend Beth Easter from Nashville shared with me this version of the 12 steps that she created for work with women in difficulty. Thank you, Beth!

1. We admit to fearful and chaotic conditions in our lives.

2. We dare to hope in a Source beyond self that can provide Good Orderly Direction.

3. We make a decision to let go of fear and surrender to Love.

4. We abandon our lens of fear and courageously enter and search the interior of

our lives.

5. We hold and share, openly and honestly, the contents of that self-search with Spirit

and another human being. We experience an authentic connection. Intimacy =


6. We open our self to Love’s transformation trusting that Spirit/ Love’s power can

shape and mold our character.

7. We invite and allow healing, bowing to Love’s design in our lives.

8. We become conscious and aware of persons harmed by our weaknesses and

become willing to make amends to them.

9. Made open, face-to-face amends to those persons whenever possible, mindful that

we not bring additional harm to others.

10. We continue to keep an inward eye recognizing our emotional errors and misguided

thinking, and we disclose these mistakes promptly.

11. Seeking through a continued exchange with the God of our understanding, we

improve our awareness of our contact with Spirit. We ask for the knowledge and

power to carryout Spirit's will in OUR lives.

12. The result of working these steps is a spiritual awakening. Our new way of

being and expressions of gratitude are a message of the reality of Love.


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