Lessons in desire and responsibility

I spent Wednesday and Thursday this week in an amazing workshop with the more than amazing Dave Ellis, author of Falling Awake. Dave primarily works with coaches and leaders but people are welcome to do his workshops for their own personal goals and intentions. I was straddling both worlds. While I don't work as a life coach, I do a lot of coaching in my groups and do work as creative coach for writers and artists. But I went to the workshop to get turbo-charged in my own life.

Dave offers a lot of concrete suggestions for how to manifest what you want and the first big task is to figure what you want. He uses a 3x5 card system to keep track of things and he gave us hundreds of them and encouraged us to write each desire on a card and to have about 400 desires. He said he figures about 1/4 of what we want will come to us and so it helps to want a lot. We can want things for ourselves, for our friends and family, for our world. And wanting is not a commitment to put in the time and energy to manifest those desires. That's something separate and that was good for me to hear.

Because at one point, I had to raise my hand and say that wanting good things for the world sends me straight into responsibility to fix it, to make it happen, and that just makes me tired. He laughed and said that in his view, we are responsible to do those things that we are passionate about, not those things that we are sorry about. And I began to feel that I might just be able to put down the guilt I feel about my privileged life and acknowledge those things I am passionate about as being enough of a challenge for this life.


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