A poem that describes the future

She will stop at the cash register
hoping he’s there in a booth
hoping he stands up to embrace her
hoping he’s changed his mind

He will stop at the cash register
ashamed he’s late on purpose
ashamed she’s driven all this way
ashamed he’s ditched her so crudely

She will order tea that goes untouched
He will order pie and wolf it down

She will ask for an explanation
repeat I don’t understand
repeat I love you
repeat we’re so good together

He will prevaricate
repeat it’s just not working
repeat there’s no one else
repeat this isn’t useful

She will go to the ladies’ room
Fix her sad face
Fix her swollen eyes
Fix her broken heart

He will ask for the bill
Leave cash
Leave a big tip
Leave before she comes back

Tomorrow they will be a thing of the past


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