The Essentialist idea

I just finished reading a fascinating book by Greg McKeown called Essentialism. (I don't know if he invented this idea as there are other authors with books on the same topic, but his was the book recommended to me.) I found his ideas to be fascinating. It's all about doing less so you can do it better.

His book is aimed at both companies and individuals. He asks us to consider several important questions. What is the highest contribution I/we can make? How can I/we subtract activities, limitations, and time clutter, in order to best make that contribution? Can I/we stop trying to do it all and just do what is the right thing for me/us to do?

In many ways, this is a great complement to the Marie Kondo tidying up book. Her book is about ridding ourselves of all but the most joyful of our possessions and then taking good care of them. McKeown's book is about ridding our schedules of all but the most essential activities: those we love, the activities that we most love, the contribution we can best make, in essence, the most valuable things we can do with our time.

This is giving me a lot to think about.


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